Coordinate Kitchen with Waiters, Runners and Customers.
The Blynk Kitchen Display System. Works with the BlynkWatch.
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Swivel all Round
We understand the demands of the kitchen environment. We know how cooks will need to swivel the display left and right, up and down. So we decided to equip the KDS with an equally flexible mount. Compatible with the VESA standard.
Powered on a 22-Inch Android Tablet
Full touch-screen. Tap an order item to indicate it's done.
A Tablet for the Meat, Vegetable, Beverage (or other) stations.

The Trusty Sidekick to BlynkKDS.
Watch how BlynkKDS and BlynkWatch cuts down your service turnaround time.
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Works with BlynkPOS.
Send orders from BlynkPOS, BlynkMenu, BlynkCallcenter straight into BlynkKDS.
When the Cook updates the KDS, it also automatically informs all the other devices.

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